In order for our genes to express health, and for the human body to naturally heal, we must remove toxins from within the cell. When I coach patients through natural healing, I refer to cellular detoxification as “The 5 R’s of True Cellular Detox” or “5 R’s of Cellular Healing” These 5 R’s are the roadmap towards health. Your body begins to naturally heal and thrive by addressing these 5 root causes.


R1 - Remove the Source

Remove the source is R1 for a reason. This is truly the starting point regardless of how long you have had your condition or how sourcemuch you have tried to heal yourself in the past. Of all the R’s, removing the source (the cause) is the most overlooked aspect by practitioners (alternative or allopathic). Treating symptoms without considering the cause is the main reason Americans are so sick today as conventional methods have fallen into the habit of using medications/surgeries to cover up the source.

Alternative doctors use supplements to control symptoms. 98% percent of the time, treatments are simply a Band-Aid, dealing with the effects rather than cause. Although supplements are safer than medications, the outcome is the same, and the methods must be used for a lifetime.  Some of the most common sources of toxic ill-health are BPA from plastics, Heavy metals, Bio-toxins, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals and Mold.


R2 – Regenerate The Cell Membrane

Once the source is identified and removed (R1), repairing the cell is the next main focus. The cells of your body are made of a soft, bi-layer of fat – the “cell membrane.” This membrane acts like a “gate keeper” allowing for nutrients to enter into the cell and toxins/ free radicals to leave the cell. If this membrane is inflamed the transfer of nutrients and waste becomes blocked, allowing toxins to accumulate leading to poor cellular health and ultimately organ sickness. The cell membrane also houses hormone receptors, which are responsible for proper cell function. Toxic cell membranes result in poor functioning receptors, which is the main cause of all hormone related disorders .

If you don’t regenerate the cell membrane, you will never truly be able to detox the cell and ultimately you will never get well.


R3 – Restore Cellular Energy

Now that we have removed the source, and repaired the membrane, its time to recharge your cells power source – mitochondrial ATP (energy). Toxic cells have low energy reserves and recharging them requires nutrients to enter the cell. This step is vital, because a low energy cell produces inflammation, damaging the membrane preventing R2 (repairing the membrane). A high-energy cell is naturally anti-inflammatory. Signs of low energy cells are fatigue, brain fog, muscle spasms and pain! Lack of cellular energy is the root cause of many metabolic disorders and yet again practitioners only look to manage symptoms of low cellular energy instead of addressing energy as a fundamental cell function. Our cellular healing diet plan feeds your cells the nutrients it needs to recharge to 100% and stay functioning at that level for optimal healing!


R4 – Reducing Inflammation/Oxidative Stress

Once the source is removed, membrane is regenerated and cellar energy is restored, cellular function will return and a natural byproduct of a working cell is inflammation and oxidation (consumption of oxygen for energy creation). Inflammation is triggered by 3 main sources:

1) Overconsumption of refined sugars and grains

2) Bad fats and toxins from foods

3) Underlying toxicity

Inflammation and oxidative stress destroys normal cell function and prevents healing – the root cause of all disease processes.


R5 – Re-establish Methylation

Methyl groups and the process of adding methyl groups to toxins (methylation) is how your body regulates genetic expression and identifies and removes toxins safely. Because methyl groups turn on and off stress hormones, almost everyone is deficient in methylation (and therefore unable to detox!) Methyl groups also play a role in protecting DNA from damage and hormone production and utilization. Methylation is the key epigenetic protective mechanism our bodies use to protect us from serious illness. Simply put – without methylation you cannot detoxify the cell or your body and a toxic body is a diseased body.

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