Chiropractic Care in San Antonio TX

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For over a century, chiropractic techniques have been one of the most widely used natural methods of treating chronic pain. Chiropractic medicine emphasizes the relationship between the spine and the central and peripheral nervous systems. Chiropractic adjustments work by relieving the tension that places pressure on these nerves for instant, or near-instant, pain relief. Regular adjustments can relieve back and neck pain, but also pain and symptoms from conditions affecting the rest of the body as well.


“This team in amazing! I was able to avoid surgery because of Dr. Stanga. I am beyond thankful to be completely out of pain now. I really appreciate how skillful and technical they are while also being so nice and patient. You can tell they truly care. Absolutely call these guys if you are ever in need of a Chiropractor.”
– Ellen San Antonio, TX